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1 a unit of pressure equal to one newton per square meter [syn: Pa]
2 French mathematician and philosopher and Jansenist; invented an adding machine; contributed (with Fermat) to the theory of probability (1623-1662) [syn: Blaise Pascal]
3 a programing language designed to teach programming through a top-down modular approach

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Paschalis, from pascha "Easter", for birth on Easter, or in honor of a 9th century pope.

Proper noun

  1. A given name used in medieval England; today occasionally borrowed from French.
  2. The French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal.
  3. The Pascal programming language.


male given name
  • French: Pascal
  • German: Pascal
  • Italian: Pasquale


Proper noun

  1. A given name of origin.
  2. A surname derived from the given name.

Related terms


Proper noun

  1. A given name borrowed from French.

Extensive Definition

Pascal may refer to:


history of, and people with the given name and surname "Pascal"
  • Blaise Pascal (1623–1662), French mathematician and philosopher.

Fictional characters


  • Pascal an alias of Flip & Fill, dance music producers Graham Turner and Mark Hall

Other uses

See also

  • Paschal (meaning Easter, and names) disambiguation page
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